Bat tanbou (Beat the Drum) image
Bat Tanbou (Beat the Drum) chronicles the birth of The Milokan Project, and represents the first step in our efforts to debunk a pervasive and destructive myth that has perpetuated Haiti’s ongoing isolation and degradation.   Over the centuries the mischaracterization of Vodou has morphed into a subconscious global system of repression that is so thoroughly promoted by popular culture that the politics behind it are nearly invisible, and arguably, have even been forgotten. However, Vodou is still the most powerful, widespread, social, spiritual and cultural edifice in Haiti today.

The basic premise of The Milokan Project is an idea that is inherently obvious once the debris of two centuries of an externally generated mythology and the resultant pervasive accumulation of misconceptions have been shoveled away: Vodou should have a seat at the table in working toward improving life in Haiti, along side churches of other denominations and hundreds of different aid organizations. Working with The Haitian National Confederation of Vodouisant, Rhythm of Life, has begun to lay the groundwork for this to occur. Bat Tanbou is the first chapter in this story.

Contact us if you'd like information about how to see Bat Tanbou. It's available in English and Kreole Ayisyen. Thanks!

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